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GET: How To Think Like a Professional Trader by Mark Douglas 4 DVDs
How To Think Like a Professional Trader by Mark Douglas 4 DVDs 

These are the MOST interesting and important videos I have seen about the Psychology of trading

In this six-hour presentation, Mark helps those traders who may not have an extensive knowledge of how the markets work or interact with the individual or institutional trader ~ have a deeper understanding of just what trading is all about. If you are relatively new to trading, or have changed careers to jump into the game, then this presentation is for you.

Mark will cover :
• trading skills
• the three developmental modes of trading; mechanical, subjective, intuitive
• the dynamics of price movement
• characteristics of technical analysis
• the relationship between the math and market movement

And much more!

Books included: 
Trading in the Zone_ Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude - Mark Douglas.pdf
The Disciplined Trader_ Developing Winning Attitudes.pdf


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