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[VIP EXCLUSIVE] Eliminating Your Fear of Public Speaking: Finding Your Voice with EF
02-09-2019, 06:37 PM,
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[VIP EXCLUSIVE] Eliminating Your Fear of Public Speaking: Finding Your Voice with EF
[Image: eliminate-fear-of-public-speaking.jpg]
7 hours of MP3 audio recordings + 197-page PDF transcript – Download

Do you ever feel terrified of being asked a question in a group?
Have you ever felt dizzy or disoriented when you were performing?
Has your heart ever started pounding so loud that you hear it in your head?
Have you found yourself breaking out in a sweat at the mere thought of speaking in front of a group of people?
If you’re performing on stage, do you expect to be judged by others?
Have you ever “frozen” or “choked” when it’s your turn to deliver lines?
Does it feel as if you’ve “lost your voice”?
Have you ever had a panic attack “out of the blue”?
Whether you are making a cold call to one person over the phone, competing in an athletic or musical event, or speaking/ performing in front of group for any occasion, you may be one of the 75% of people who suffers from the #1 fear in America – the Fear of Public Speaking.

Imagine how free you will feel when you finally ELIMINATE YOUR FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING and FIND YOUR VOICE
Enjoy listening to content-rich discussions about the psychology and physiology of panic. Learn how to eliminate your fear of public speaking with maximum effectiveness by rewiring your automatic responses with clear, detailed EFT sequences. Join anxiety experts and EFT practitioners Carol Look, EFT Master, and Christine Wheeler, EFTCert-1, for this easy to access 7 hour audio downloadable program and 197 page companion PDF transcript of the material which will allow you to:

Learn how to use EFT for past traumas and present worries
Target your anticipatory anxiety and tap it away
Release the expectation of being judged by others
Rewire the automated panic response in your body
Identify the “original” event that is making you feel panic
Erase the source of your fear of public speaking with EFT
Feel free of the cascade of physical symptoms of anxiety
Thaw out your “freeze” response when it’s your turn to speak
Eliminate your fear of public speaking once and for all by rewiring your responses with EFT
Feel confident and calm whenever you need to present your ideas to others
Track # / Topics
1. Disclaimer

2. Defining the Problem
a. What the Research Tells Us
b. Generalized Anxiety vs. Phobias

3. Why Are We Afraid?
a. Family History
b. Past Events
c. The Freeze Response

4. Avoidance Behaviors
a. Why They Don’t Work
b. Why They Make Us More Anxious

5. The Solution
a. Energy Medicine
b. How Past Traumas Operate in Our Present
c. EFT
d. Choosing Targets

6. EFT Instructions

7. Anticipatory Anxiety
a. What Do You Imagine in Your Mind?
b. What Do You Feel When You Picture Your Speech?
c. Even Though I Feel So Anxious About Next Week

8. Where Are Your Feelings in Your Body?
a. Fear of Being Judged in My Chest
b. This Anxiety Is Stuck in My Solar Plexus
c. Feeling of Humiliation in My Gut
d. My Worst Nightmare Is in My Body

9. Tell Me the Story
a. What Happens Next
b. I’m Still Afraid of This Nightmare
c. I’m Afraid to Let My Guard Down
d. Preparing For the Worst?

10. Physiological Sensations
a. Cluster of Symptoms
b. I Can’t Control My Pounding Heart
c. I Can’t Control My Shaking Body
d. Even Though My Face Is Turning Red

11. Accessing Your Emotions Through Your Body
a. Even Though My Hands Are Sweaty
b. Even Though I Feel Disoriented
c. Signs of Releasing Energy

12. Physiology, Psychology and the Body
a. Your “Loudest” Symptom
b. My Body Is Betraying Me
c. What Purpose Do Symptoms Serve?
d. My Body Has Been Trying to Protect Me

13. The Trauma of Your “First” Panic Attack
a. I Was Totally Blindsided
b. I Should Never Let My Guard Down
c. Trauma Occurs in the Body
d. “Inheriting” the Energy of Anxiety

14. Effective Treatment Angles for Anxiety
a. Mainstream Approaches
b. Finding the Original Trigger
c. Trauma and The Freeze Response
d. Sports – Performance Anxiety
e. Even Though I Froze Back Then

15. More Past Events
a. Please Don’t Ask Me
b. I’m Embarrassed I Failed Their Expectations
c. Tell Me the Story
d. Our of Nowhere
e. I Was So Humiliated

16. The Importance of Language
a. Energy Stuck in the Throat
b. Even Though She Disapproved of Me
c. Public Humiliation

17. Fear of Being Judged
a. It’s Not Safe to Be Visible
b. Stop Waiting For Me to Make a Mistake
c. I’m Afraid They’re Mocking Me
d. No One Protected Me

18. Clearing Past Events
a. Stress and Pressure
b. Feeling Trapped
c. I Felt Humiliated When They Teased Me
d. Even Though I Froze Back Then
e. That Reminds Me of…

19. Cold Calls
a. Even Though I Know I’ll Be Rejected
b. What If I Fail?
c. Too Much Pressure in My Life
d. I’m Afraid of Being Out of Control
e. Cascade of Thoughts

20. Making Lists of Tappable Issues
a. Different Aspects – Tapping Targets
b. The Time When…
c. “The Choices Method”
d. I’m Afraid They’re Going to Laugh at Me Again
e. What If I Look Bad?

21. Troubleshooting
a. I’ve Tried Everything…
b. Checklist for Success
c. Do You Know What to Tap On?
d. Aim EFT at Your Target
e. Don’t Forget to Measure Your Success
f. Finding Your Voice

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